Farm in the Woods

We are a small diversified farm owned and operated by the Huettner family. We grow vegetables and raise a wide variety of livestock.

Currently our website is under construction. In the meantime check out our Facebook page for more information.

Our Produce

We grow a variety of different vegetables, and are passionate about
providing delicious and fresh produce to our community. We raise a wide range of livestock including, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Ayrshire cows, sheep, chickens and many more! We handcraft our soaps with milk from our own goats.  

Cherry Tomatoes grown by Farm in the Woods


Cows in field at Farm in The Woods


Handmade Soap from Farm in The Woods


Find us at Market

Radishes and Apples at Farm in the Woods Farmers' Market Stand

You can find us at the Dover Cove Farmers’ Market in the summer and winter.

Check out their Facebook page for market updates.

What's happening on the farm?

Stay up to date with everything happening on the farm. Our blog is coming soon, and we are so excited to share our story with you.

Ewe and Lamb at Farm in the Woods
Farm in the Woods field planted with lots of different crops